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51 4 children Family F837
52 4 children Family F228155
53 A 1939 survey of cemeteries in Pamlico county lists a Phebe A LUPTON, born 31 Dec 1845, died 18 Feb 1880 interred in the Masonic Cemetery in Bayboro. HOOKER, Phebia Ann (I1332)
54 A 1939 survey of cemeteries lists him as buried in Tingle Cemetery in Alliance.
FindaGrave shows him in West Cemetery in Alliance.
Another source says McCotter Cemetery in Alliance.
Time for a personal visit to find actual location. 
LUPTON, Redding Gooding (I1321)
55 A 1939 survey of Pamlico county cemeteries shows this as behind the P.O. in Bayboro. LUPTON, Alice Viola (I1325)
56 A bit of confusion here
The Lupton book gives name as Christina
Death certificate shows name as Louvenia
Same dates of birth
Dates of death are different - Christina 13 Jan 1948 - Louvenia 22 Aug 1939
Don't know if these were twins - or if the Lupton book screwed up the dates of birth or death 
GREEN, Louvenia Christina (I1041)
57 A close look at his signature on a WWI draft registration shows him signing his middle name as Robison - NOT Robinson. His signature is very readable. LUPTON, Thomas Robinson (I532)
58 A marriage license for Chas W LUPTON (age 20) and Martha J DANIELS (age 18) was issued 8 May 1891 in Carteret county but there is no confirmation in the records of the marriage actually taking place. LUPTON, Charles W (I1704)
BY SPENCER P. MEAD, L. L. B. Volume 3, 1675 - 1690.

ODGEN, Richard, late of Fairfield, June 16, 1687, letters of administration on his estate granted to his widow Mary Ogden, and later to Samuel Ward and John Osborn of Fairfield, pages 223 and 256, and 257.

Inventory taken Apl. 8, 1687, by Thomas Wilson, Jonathan Morehouse, and John Thompson, had land at the Mill and also Mill Hill, filed Ap;. 26, 1687, page 221.

June 15, 1687, estate ordered distributed to his widow Mary, and his children Richard, David, John, the wife of Sergeant Samuel Ward, the wife of Daniel Meeker and the wife of Daniel Silliman Jr., and his grandchild, the child of the deceased wife of John Pine. Overseer John Burr, page 225. [Note: This last paragraph has been restyled according to the corrections made by Donald Lines Jacobus.] 
OGDEN, Richard (I4313)
60 Accepted name seems to be (based on his offsprings' names) Guy Linwood HAMILTON. However, there was an amendment made to his death certificate changing his middle name to "Lupton". This amendment was made almost two years after his death. The "substantiating evidence" presented was an insurance policy showing his name as "Lupton". This change was made by his widow. This "Death Certificate Amendment Application" also shows his county of birth as Craven county. HAMILTON, Guy Linwood (I7548)
61 According to newspaper article he was to be taken to the FWB Orphanage in Middlesex. SPENCER, Edward (I4056)
62 Adopted by his maternal grandparents - surname changed to BROWN LUPTON, Daniel Joseph (I1973)
63 after childbirth STYRON, Julie Ann (I380)
64 Also a marriage to a THOMLINSON SELOVER, Janice Alice (I4606)
65 Also Ebin SALTER, Ebben (I2668)
66 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I45675)
67 Alternate name "Guy Lupton HAMILTON". HAMILTON, Guy Linwood (I7548)
68 Alternate name Jane HOLDER b. Apr 1893 HOLTON, Janie (I1667)
69 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3188)
70 Although he was married at an early age, and the father of seven children, the name of his wife was not recorded in the parish register at the Church of All Saints in Bingley, Yorkshire, England.

As a young man in Yorkshire, he was not a property owner, and instead probably made his living as a tradesman, day laborer or tenant farmer. He was noted variably in Bingley (1624), West Morton (1627), Morton Banks (1628), Riddlesden Banks (1631), West Morton (1633) and Bingley (1635 ? 1637), all within a six mile radius of Keighley. 
LUPTON, Thomas (I4302)
71 An undocumented source has this as
Lavern W LUPTON - female 
LUPTON, L O Vern W (I1344)
72 has an NC divorce index that shows a divorce between Willie LUPTON and Joan LUPTON on 9 Jan 1961.
Virginia records show a divorce being granted in Portsmouth between Willie Clyde LUPTON and Joan Barnes LUPTON on 11 Mar 1960 with separation having been on 25 May 1958 
Family F1770
73 And more confusion - family bible shows Sally born 28 Oct 1814 - The Lupton books shows a Sarah (or Sally) with a birth year of 1820. Most likely the same person.  Family F3
74 Anita Collins passed away on Sunday March 10, 2013 at age 79. Born in Philadelphia PA, she moved to Virginia Beach in 1972, raised her children and built a strong family. She was a devout believer in our Savior Jesus Christ, and a loving dedicated mother, wife and friend. She was a devoted and founding member of St John's the Apostle Catholic Church.Her loss leaves a deep and profound void in the lives of her children, family and friends.  NAPOLATANO, Anita D'Angelo (I3777)
75 At 06.44 hours on 18 January 1942 the unescorted and unarmed merchant ship, Frances Salman, was hit by one G7e torpedo from U-552 about 7 miles south of Cape Race (Newfoundland, Canada), after being missed by four torpedoes in four unsuccessful attacks. The ship attempted to escape and several distress signals were sent, but were not heard by Allied stations. The torpedo, fired from about 500 yards, struck the ship aft and caused her to sink by the stern within ten minutes in rough seas. The bow remained above the water for about 25 minutes before disappearing. Some of the eight officers and 20 crewmen managed to launch a lifeboat, but due to the state of the seas, none of the men in the boat survived. LUPTON, Bruce Carrow (I2361)
76 At the bottom of US census of 1870 for NC, Carteret county, Hunting Quarters, page 02 is an entry for a John GOODWIN (age 44) with wife, Elizabeth (age 34) along with an unknown Britania (age 22). It may be this family. Family F125
77 Auto accident LUPTON, Leland Dexter (I1930)
78 Auto Accident DANIELS, Jackie Lee (I3137)
79 Based on 1930 census Family F1026
80 Based on info in the 1920 and 1930 census reports it appears she was married prior to her marriage to Watson and had a daughter. The 1920 census shows an 18 year old male in the household labeled as Watson's son-in-law. The 1930 census shows their ages as 49 and 46 with his first marriage at age 28 and her first marriage at age 18. UNKNOWN, Mamie (I3534)
81 Based on the estimated age given on his death certificate LUPTON, J R (I3684)
82 Based on the obit of Charles Griffin (brother of Carrie Marie) the husband's name may be COMER rather than CONNER. And, if so, then there are children - Carol Anne, Charles and Tommy Jr. Family F581
83 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1096)
84 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I800)
85 Birth certificate (delayed registration) shows DoB as 23 Aug 1904
Draft registration shows it as 25 Aug 1904
Headstone shows DoB to be 25 Aug 1904
LUPTON, John Fredrick (I1519)
86 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3176)
87 Birth certificates of children show name as Maggie Daniel ASKEW ASKENS, Margaret D (I1054)
88 Birth date is just a guess based on date of son's baptismal record LUPTON, Robert (I4306)
89 Birth index shows name as Lula C
1930 census has it as Lula K
LUPTON, Lula K (I3067)
90 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4106)
91 born deaf-mute DANIELS, Ralph Lupton (I322)
92 Burton Daniels chart has wife as Jane Goodwin Family F1679
93 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I10273)
94 Car accident HOLLOWELL, Sherri Lynn (I145402)
95 Carteret county birth index shows DoB as 23 Mar 1923
Draft registration shows 23 Feb 1923
Death certificate shows 23 Feb 1923 
LUPTON, Lionel Glenn (I1823)
96 Carteret county index to births has name as Emery
All other sources show Emory 
LUPTON, Alton Emory (I294)
97 Carteret county index to births show DoB as 10 Jul 1929 tree, (Colin & Nicole Chilson Family Tree - owner southernbell76), shows a DoB of 10 Jul 1930 
LUPTON, William A Jr (I3073)
98 Carteret county index to births shows 5 Apr 1929
Death certificate shows DoB as 5 Apr 1929
Lupton book has it as 4 Apr 1929
LUPTON, Roland Davis (I1825)
99 Carteret county index to births shows DoB as 11 Nov 1921
Headstone shows DoB as 10 Nov 1921
Lupton book shows DoB as 11 Nov 1921 
LUPTON, Juanita Howard (I289)
100 Carteret county index to births shows DoB as 12 Jan 1917
Draft registration shows DoB as 12 Jan 1916
Lupton book shows DoB as 12 Jan 1916
Application for VA marker shows DoB as 12 Jan 1917 although a discrepancy is noted with 1916 
LUPTON, Leo Martin (I1842)

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