A Bit About This Website

Why take Lupton genealogy to the web?

There are a multitude of reasons for placing the Lupton genealogy on the web. Not the least of which is cost. A year's hosting of this website costs less than it would to print just one book of the information contained on the site. And thousands of people can have access anytime they like ... without any cost to them.

A second reason is the ease of updates. This website is run by a database engine. Changes and additions to the site can be made in minutes and are visible to users in seconds. Remember buying sets of encyclopedias and then having to buy their annual updates? Well with this website, you always have the latest version anytime you open your webbrowser.

A final but perhaps the most important reason is that, thanks to the database engine and some special programming, the history of our family can be shown in many different ways. One really needs to see it to appreciate the various options! Also any number of photos and documents may be attached to an individual or family.

What about privacy?

Security of information is a genuine concern when it comes to data on living persons. The contents of this website that deal with living persons are restricted in what is available to the general public. You must have a user account to gain access to info on living relatives and those user accounts are available only to family members and an occasional genealogical researcher of related families.

To get a user account the first step is to register. After registering, if we don't recognize your name or relationship to the family, you will be contacted for additional information before your account is made active.

Who created and maintains this site?

Your webmaster is Jim Seaman. My mother was a Lupton from Whortonsville in Pamlico county. Her Great Grandfather was a Lupton from Hobucken in Pamlico county and his wife was a Lupton as well. She was born on Cedar Island in Carteret county. With them being 2nd cousins, that makes our branch of the family related a bit closer to just about all the Luptons in Pamlico and Carteret counties.

How can you help?

This is the important part!

Improving this site depends on everyone in the Lupton family. We want to hear from all of our cousins - even if your only claim to being a Lupton is that your great grandmother was born of a Lupton - you are still our cousin! Share your information, stories about your family, photos and documents. We can even host short video or audio clips!

If you have digital photos you can send them in by email. If you have printed photos or documents try to scan them (please contact us first) and then submit them by email. If you have corrections or new info - they can be submitted right here on the website. If you have older printed photos but don't have a scanner, you can simply mail in your items for scanning and they will be promptly returned along with retouched digital copies.