Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC



City/Town : Latitude: 35.1448881, Longitude: -76.80215559999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BANKS, William Allen  25 Sep 1882Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3458
2 POTTER, Velna Amanda  7 Aug 1912Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3903
3 TINGLE, Alice  3 Oct 1896Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3521
4 TINGLE, Bernie Wilma  5 Jan 1912Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3515
5 TINGLE, Burney Sylvester  3 Feb 1841Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3454
6 TINGLE, Gertie Ola  5 Dec 1903Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3516
7 TINGLE, Jeanette Doris  12 Dec 1910Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3517
8 TINGLE, Montague Bonner  6 Oct 1900Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3509
9 TINGLE, Nina Epa  21 Jan 1900Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3525
10 WEST, Florence Elena  10 Oct 1871Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3812


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BANKS, Charles Arthur  30 Oct 1898Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3457
2 CARAWAN, Terry Ronald  3 Apr 2008Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I680058
3 FOY, Linkey  29 Sep 1998Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I675090
4 LEE, Wilbert Robert  11 Jul 1999Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC  I674711
5 LUPTON, Clyde St.Clair  16 Nov 1999Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I2064
6 LUPTON, Mary Margaret  22 Aug 1920Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I1320
7 MASON, Edna Holland  22 Dec 1995Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I674938
8 PARSONS, Lillian Fair  24 Sep 1998Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I675086
9 RICE, Mary Martha  2 Jul 2004Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I675057
10 SADLER, Walter Carmen  7 Oct 2001Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I171960
11 SPENCE, Lovie Grey  8 Feb 2009Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I2168
12 SWINDELL, Cresie  28 Jul 1999Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I674703
13 TINGLE, Burney Sylvester  25 May 1918Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3454
14 TINGLE, James Arthur  5 Dec 1951Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3456
15 WEST, Joseph Allen  19 May 1964Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3819
16 WEST, Maggie  7 Feb 1950Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I3844

Physical Description

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Physical Description    Person ID 
1 LUPTON, Ray Eldred  16 Oct 1940Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC I2359


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LUPTON / POTTER  24 Jun 1939Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC F1498
2 WOODRUFF / TINGLE  Dec 1926Alliance, Pamlico cnty, NC F1426